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Friday, June 21, 2013

Reggae Royalty Morgan Heritage Reunited for Studio Album "Here Come the Kings"

Kings of reggae Morgan Heritage is back with their first collaboration in five years, aptly named Here Come the Kings (VP Records).  Gramps, Una, Peetah, Luke, and Mojo have nearly twenty years in the industry, producing ten albums that have placed them solidly in the ranks of some of the greatest reggae artists of all time.  Here Come the Kings was released on June 11 and is available in stores and online.  Featuring a wonderful cover of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney duo "Girl is Mine", along with their signature Rasta roots sound on songs like "Looking for the Roots" and "Man Has Forgotten", the studio album will surely impress Morgan Heritage fans.  The first single, "Perfect Love Song", has reached number one in Toronto and is on the way to the top in Jamaica.  The group beings a European tour on June 26, with U.S. tour dates to be announced.

Here Come the Kings Track Listing

1. Man Has Forgotten
2.  Here Come the Kings
3. Holla
4.  Call to Me
5. Perfect Love Song
6. The Return
7. Looking for the Roots
8.  Love Stoned (featuring Shaggy)
9. Dem Ah Run Come
10.  Ends Nah Meet
11. Stand Up

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  1. I'l have to check the album out. I used to like them back in the day.