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Monday, September 30, 2013

Alborosie Releases Sound the System LP on Greensleeves Records

Sicilian-born reggae singer Alborosie released his self-produced album Sound the System in North America on Greensleeves Records September 30.  Available in Europe since July, the album continues the singer's mission to produce top-quality riddims and conscious lyrics that promote his Rastafarian beliefs.  A tour is scheduled beginning February 2014, with dates and locations to be announced.

Highlights of the album include a guest appearance by Ky-mani Marley for a remake of "Zion Train", as well as a special collaboration with the iconic group The Abyssinians, who sing in Amharic on "Give Thanks", paying homage to Ethiopia, the country dear to the hearts of Rastas everywhere.  Alborosie also shows that he can more than hold his own among the dancehall crew with tracks like "Rock the Dancehall" and "Who Run the Dance".

Alberto D' Ascola was born in the town of Marsala in Sicily. In his teens he moved to Milan, where he eventually joined the band Reggae National Tickets.  Touring with the band through Europe and eventually Jamaica completely changed his life.  He relocated to Jamrock and started working at Gee Jam Studios in Portland.  Over a decade later, he is still going strong and leaving a lasting imprint on the roots reggae scene.
photo courtesy of With Love PR

Sound the System Track Listing (Greensleeves Records)

1.  Intro
2. Play Fool (To Catch Wise)
3. Rock the Dancehall
4. Zion Train (featuring Ky-mani Marley)
5. To Whom It May Concern
6. Who Run the Dance
7. Goodbye (featuring Nina Zilli)
8. U Got to Be Mine
9. Love is the Way
10. There is a Place (featuring Kemar)
11. Positiveness
12. Don't Pressure It
13. Warrior (featuring Nature)
14. Give Thanks (featuring The Abyssinians)
15. Shut U Mouth
16. Outro

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